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Popcorn Machines & Kits

When you receive a placement popcorn machine, we only require a minimum monthly order. We also have carts available for the popcorn machines for an additional fee. We suggest you try our simple, all-in-one popcorn kits. You won’t want to make popcorn any other way. The kits ensure delicious, movie theater style popcorn with every batch. Your customers are sure to come back for more!

Maintenance & Repairs

We take care of all maintenance and cleaning on the machines with no cost to you. If you have problems, we guarantee a solution within 72 business hours. We want to keep you snacking!

Want A free machine?


We also offer free nacho machines on the placement program that require a minimum monthly order or a nominal rental fee. There are two options available. The nacho dispenser machine uses 140 oz bags of delicious nacho cheese. The nacho machine warmer stores and warms 3.5 oz individual nacho cheese cups. Both options make nacho cheese very easy to use and require very little clean up.

Free Machines

Here at Sun Snacks, we believe the best things in life are free. If getting a machine for your business sounds like something you’d like to do, but you don’t want the upfront cost of the machine, we can help.  With our placement program, we will place a machine at your location, free of charge. We simply have you sign an agreement stating that you will only purchase 
product from us. You can cancel anytime with no additional fees but we feel pretty confident you won’t choose this option.